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Task force considers fingerprinting and credit checks for federal workers
The Government of Canada may replace the traditional criminal record name check with credit checks and fingerprinting, according to a story in The Ottawa Citizen.

HR departments are using technology to weed out candidates with criminal records
More and more employers--from mortgage firms to hospitals--are requiring that job applicants submit to background checks, says an article in HR Magazine. Fingerprinting is becoming a more common part of these checks, it says, especially in highly sensitive workplaces where security is essential.

British police trial mobile electronic fingerprinting
The Bedfordshire Police Service in Luton, north of London, is one of more than 10 British police services that have launched trials of electonic fingerprinting for real-time searching of the national fingerprint collection on the National Automated Fingerprint System (IDENT1), according to an article in the BAPCO Journal.

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